Beginning Your Journey
"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.  
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."      -Rumi


Life is a journey from the moment of conception to our passing breath.  Along our journey we experience transitions.  Often we move from one phase of life into another without the slightest bump. Occasionally, however, as we make our way, we experience difficulties. It is within these times of challenge where we find our greatest moments of growth and personal accomplishments.  Times of struggle do not define who we are, but rather what we do with the experience defines what we will become. This is the good stuff and you do not need to navigate it alone. 

At The Lotus Effect we provide therapeutic services focused on guidance, understanding and support.  Acknowledging that people have different needs, occasionally requiring a creative touch to reach a desired goal. Adding an emphasis on solution focused methods, we strive to assist you and your family in creating the life you envision.  A life filled with inspiration and meaning, everyday.



The following are some of the specific topics I am skilled at supporting in therapy;

-Depression              -Anxiety                                       -Parenting Concerns            -LGBTQIA

-Transgender           -Developmental Concerns          -Abuse                                   -Trauma        

-Behavioral issues   -Transitions                                  -Self Esteem                         -Lifestyle Changes    

-Women's issues      -Body Awareness                         -Marriage/Relationship Concerns

-Adolescent Mental Health Management                   -Early Childhood Services

-Postpartum Depression/Anxiety                                -Spirituality/Energetic Wellness     

-Adolescent/Youth Sexuality&Sexual Identity          -Integrative Wellness